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Born in 1990 in Miyagi, Japan, Hayasaka is a self taught multidisciplinary artist based in Tokyo. His works have been exhibited in the US, Japan, France, and Czech Republic, including the exhibitions “The 2nd Kyoto Daimonji Art Lovers’ Meeting“(2023), “Toshiki Hayasaka:Sword Strokes” curated by Kyoko Sato (Time Gallery, New York, 2022), “Paris Salon de Art Japonais” (Linda Farrell Gallery, Paris, 2022), “Anniversary of 100 Years, Japan and Czech Cultural Exchange Art Show” (Czech Prague Castle, 2021), and “L’Art Sous Le Feu Du Daimonji” (Consul General of France in Kyoto, 2022).
He opened the Kyoto Gallery ENISHI in 2023. Hayasaka has a special right to use jade from Itoigawa river in Niigata, Japan for his paintings. He received a Bachelors in Economics from the Tohoku Gakuin University in 2012, and participated in the London Olympic trials as a swimmer in 2010.

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